It all started with the vision of developing a versatile product that is free of waste and wastewater, 100% biodegradable and can replace synthetic polymers.

An idea was born, and the founding members of amynova polymers® GmbH, Dr. Klaus Käsebier and Bernhard Sack, developed the basis for our innovative starch-based biopolymers in collaboration with  the Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Polymerforschung IAP.

We started in 2009 with the first trials in agriculture. Our current product portfolio has been tested in numerous field  trials in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and Israel. All products are FiBL-listed, which means they are also approved for organic cultivation.

Today we employ 20 people and our creative minds at the R&D department are constantly developing our products further. It is now feasible  to bind dust with amynova products, coat paper, and replace acrylates in cosmetics.